• Testimonials

  • Dr. Clor is the second dentist I've ever been too. He was recommended to me after I left the Dental office I'd been with since I was a small child. I hadn't had insurance for a while so my visits had been non existent for a couple of years.

    I went in with high anxiety since I already knew I had a bad cavity and had been waiting for my insurance to kick in for a while. He took care of me since I needed a good amount of work at that point and made sure I was on a plan to pay, but more importantly he calmed my very frazzled nerves when he had to start with the procedures. He was very patient and explained what he was working on every step of the way.

    His two Dental Assistants are also very friendly are took care of me too. I love that they all remember my name and they know a little about me. I almost forgot to mention that he has weekend hours throughout the year. I highly recommend Dr. Clor!


  • Dr. Ramsey Clor was covering the absence of my regular dentist at another local dental office, and I saw him for several visits. Dr. Clor was experienced, professional, explained everything as he went along and how long each part of the treatment will take, very caring and kept checking to be sure of my comfort level. He treated me with dignity and respect and talked to me on a collegial level, which I really appreciate. I hope to continue to see him at my regular dental office to complete the treatment. I have not been to his Gilroy office, but based on his 30 years of experience I would highly recommend him.

    Dale W.

  • Dr. Clor is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. He is fast and painless, especially the way he cleans your teeth without scraping them at all and they are spotless. I highly recommend Dr. Clor

    Debbie G.